Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Important News Regarding the Mineral King Road Gate Combination Change

As you may have heard, it has become necessary to change the combination on the gates.  Both the Park Service and a number of cabin owners have observed some uninvited visitors, who apparently have the old combination and have been leaving the gates open, littering the road, and potentially casing the cabins.  Both the MKDA and the Silver City Service Club have agreed that the change is necessary.

The change will be made as soon as we can get someone up there to do so.  While we do not have the precise date, it will be soon, and we do know what the new number will be.

If you or any member of your family will be going up to Mineral King, please call leave me a message at (661) 776-5515 or call any of our board members to get the new combination, and then have both numbers available until we can confirm that the change has been made.  Due to security issues, the new combination will NOT be provided via email.

Thank you for helping us make sure our property is kept secure and safe.

Sharon Devol, E-list Coordinator
Mineral King District Association
P.O. Box 1004
Three Rivers, CA  93271-1004

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Dale Jones (1944-2018), Silver City Resident

From Forrest Jones:

Dale Gordon Jones – passed peacefully on Friday night.

Born in 1944, he was known for his engineering work, and dynamic projects.  To each, we will remember him differently.

I remember:  snow on the ground, sitting on plywood, rowing a 5 ton come-along as we moved the garage that was built in 1989. We were able to pull it slightly when we hooked 3 trucks to it, but it was too awkward.  We burnt out 3 electric winches on the truck, but driven as he was, with a sharp mind… he saw the completion and we rowed.

I remember:  watching as his vision of a bridge truss threw him into a rock twelve feet away.  He didn’t let that stop him, even though a full pallet short of concrete, he lead Mike Groves and Rudy Witschie and they carried a full pallet of Portland concrete mix up to avalanche creek to build the platform for the hydro tank. He pushed to finish the decking, mount the new hydro unit, and even today it still runs.

After his years working on removing NO2 from coal-fired power plants, he worked on commercial patents on consumer items. Today, 18 patents are attributed to him.

The list of projects, ideas, and incredible solutions continues. Remember history, grow from the thoughts, and move with that knowledge to the future.

Silver City and Mineral King were often mentioned as his “spiritual home”, and after his bouts with cancer, and the radiation he had to have on his brain, I know he missed what we get to experience every year. The friendships, the challenges, and the location give us the most unique community of friends and vibrant life experience.

Arrangements will be made for a get together in the future.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Trip Report, October 30

From Jana Botkin:

Today Michael and I drove to the Conifer Gate so Michael could replace the worn out padlocks. (Combo will be the same as last year). 

The first photo is the Eden Creek fire. We talked to John Ziglar, a chief in the fire world of the Park (I dubbed him Chief Smoky Feather) who said they want it to burn about 200 acres to thin an area that has never been burned in the time records have been kept, but they are watching it to make sure it doesn’t move toward Case Mountain (west). 

Next photo, some of the black oaks are quite beautiful in the Conifer elevation.

Michael also replaced the lock on the lower gate with a new one, same combo again. Our lock is recognizable by the red tape.