Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Road Gate Combinations Changed

The padlocks at both the Lookout Point and Camp Conifer gates have been changed successfully to the new combination.  Last winter's number will no longer work.  If you need access to your cabin, please call a Silver City or Mineral King District Association board member.  The new combination will not be forwarded by email.  Please keep this number confidential.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Gates and Snow

Michael Botkin is heading up the Mineral King Road today (Monday, December 10). He will change the lock combos on both gates unless there is some sort of a problem with an unknown vehicle behind one of the gates or something else. I will send out a confirmation notice when the change has been made.

From Silver City Sue:“Greg P just came down from being up there at SC this weekend. He indicated that there was about a foot of snow and melting fast. If anyone wants to go up to MK, you should take a chain saw as a good sized tree is across the road. He did not say exactly where that was. Nice time in the mts!!!!!!!!”